Partnership Agreement Preparation and Registration


Our Partnership Agreement Preparation and Registration Service is unbeatable for price and quality of service. This special pricing is for a basic partnership agreement that includes standard partnership terms relating to:

  1. Partnership Name and Business Purpose: Clearly states the name under which the partnership will operate and the nature of the business.
  2. Limitation of Liability Provisions: This specifies the extent to which each partner is liable for the debts and obligations of the partnership.
  3. Duration of Partnership: Specifies whether the partnership is for a fixed term or indefinite until dissolved by the partners.
  4. Capital Contributions: Details the amount of capital (money, property, etc.) each partner is contributing to the partnership and how future contributions will be handled.
  5. Profit and Loss Distribution: Describes how the partnership’s profits and losses will be distributed among the partners. This can be based on the proportion of capital contributions or another agreed-upon formula.
  6. Management and Decision Making: Outlines the management structure of the partnership and the decision-making process, including the duties and responsibilities of each partner and how major decisions are made (e.g., unanimous vote, majority vote).
  7. Salaries and Drawings: If any, specifies the salaries to be paid to partners for their services to the partnership and the rules around withdrawal of funds (drawings) from the partnership’s profits.
  8. Meetings and Voting: Details the procedures for holding partner meetings, voting methods, and the quorum required for decision-making.
  9. Admission and Withdrawal of Partners: Sets the terms for adding new partners to the partnership and the process for a partner’s withdrawal, whether voluntary, due to incapacity, or death.
  10. Dispute Resolution: Outlines the methods for resolving disputes among partners, which may include mediation or arbitration.
  11. Dissolution and Liquidation: Specifies the conditions under which the partnership may be dissolved and the process for winding up its affairs and distributing assets.
  12. Restrictions on Partners: May include non-compete clauses, confidentiality obligations, and restrictions on the ability of partners to engage in business outside the partnership.
  13. Amendments: Describes the process for making amendments to the partnership agreement.


Our Partnership Agreement Preparation and Registration Service is unbeatable for price and quality of service.

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