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Pay a deposit of $1,200 per item

The Ready to Go Online Businesses are delivered as actual businesses, ready to accept online orders. The e-commerce businesses include African-Caribbean groceries, barbers, hair stylists, hair care products, and also body care and wellness services and products.

These businesses were chosen because of their strategic importance to the Black Community and, with the exception of hair styling, have been heavily dominated by business owners from other racial communities.

This is a clear sign that the Black Community requires support and direction to achieve this first stage of economic sufficiency of producing within the community the basic products and services which the community needs. The lending practices of the major financial institutions have greatly contributed to this inequity.

Our Ready-to-Go Online Businesses are Game Changers! Our program also offers critical technology training in operating an online e-commerce platform as well as marketing and advertising support.

Funding is also available!


Market Need: African-Caribbean Groceries is a very lucrative business that has not been exploited by Black Business Owners to the extent that it is largely dominated by business owners from other racial communities which is an economic anomaly.  We provide you with an online African-Caribbean Groceries business that you can combine with an existing brick-and-mortar African-Caribbean Grocery business or you can set up as your main business operation. 
The African Caribbean Grocery business supports the online ordering of African Caribbean groceries with delivery services which you can perform yourself or contract out to delivery services providers. This platform also supports online ordering and delivery of prepared African and Caribbean Foods which are growing in demand.

This business could service existing customers and or reach new customers to grow. Anyone who is interested in obtaining African Caribbean groceries will be able to find this business through search engines like Google or Bing. Additionally, business growth could be achieved by listing products on online Black MarketPlaces such as Local advertising with flyers could also be done to maximize local patronage. Customer engagement could be sustained by posting new content regularly and by offering unannounced promotions and discounts to reward those who visit frequently.

We provide two different business models for this e-commerce platform. The first is the Stand-Alone concept which is suited to existing business owners who already may have a brick-and-mortar African-Caribbean Grocery business and this costs $6,000.

We also offer an Integrated African-Caribbean Grocery business which provides a supply chain order fulfillment model that transmits online orders to a local brick-and-mortar store for order fulfillment. The business owner could decide to perform deliveries themself or to contract delivery agents, either way, the the business owner is able to earn income with minimal effort. The Integrated business model costs $10,000. This is a demo of the type of online business that will be delivered.

We implement the Stand-Alone platform much the same as the Integrated one but do not provide the supply chain order fulfillment or assist in implementing a marketing strategy, which comes with the Integrated business model.

You are able to purchase either of these types of businesses by going through the checkout process and paying the initial deposit and we will contact you to finalize the purchase and sign the agreement.

Over $50, 000 in value: We have provided working examples of each type of business on the following e-commerce platforms:,,, and Complete e-commerce platforms similar to our Ready to Go Online Businesses can cost more than $50,000 and will take a lot of time and input from the client to finalize. With a Ready to Go Online Business you can start selling almost right away. Hundreds of hours have gone into the creation of each of the online businesses and a further 20 hours of customization of pictures and design is provided for each business, to ensure that each e-commerce platform is unique and suits the client’s preferences.

Complete e-commerce solution: We provide a complete e-commerce solution that includes search engine optimization of the website to enable products to appear in search results. We also provide marketing and advertising plans that each business owner can customize by identifying their target market location to implement their marketing and advertising strategies. After finalizing the marketing and advertising plan, the business owner may choose to self-implement or to have us implement the strategy. There will be an additional cost for stand-alone businesses to implement a marketing plan. We also provide hosting and maintenance of the website for a flat fee or a small percentage of the monthly sales.

Additional services: These services are included at no additional cost:

  • – A Black Business Consultant is assigned to assist the business owner to successfully launch their business and can provide additional services such as product sourcing, obtaining additional images, designing and creating product labels and listings.
  • Further customization of each platform. To finalize and deliver the Ready to Go Online Business we require the client to provide their additional design customizations and images which they want to use to further customize their online business and to create product listings.
  • – We provide a Strategic Business Plan with each online business with strategies to grow the business by adding drop shipping operations to source products to sell on the platform and expanding vertically into becoming an importer or manufacturer of the products sold on the platform as well as adding physical outlets.
  • – We will also provide business incorporation services as part of this package at an additional cost to cover the government fee.

Funding: We provide funding to buyers of Ready to Go Online Businesses, with a down payment of $1,200 the business can be up and going. The balance is repayable over 2 years which means that the business could be able to pay off the balance from generated income*.  We will provide full disclosure of the payment plan.

The online African-Caribbean Groceries platform has the following features:
Well Designed User Interface
-A user-friendly interface that allows users to easily browse through the products and find what they need
-An automated ordering system
-Electronic payment options for easy, secure checkout, such as Paypal, Mastercard, and Visa
-Customers can choose at-home service or at an agreed location
– allows feedback to be obtained from customers, which could be helpful in business improvement and supports growth.
– SEO optimized for search engines to bring about increased sales through organic traffic.
–  Compatible with all mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.
Easy to Manage
-Add products to the store with ease
-Make changes to products and pricing
-Manage inventory
-Add photos of products
-Set up branding, including logo and color scheme
-We provide 5 hours of training in the use of this system

* We are not able to project what income will be made by the business as this is subject to uncertainty.

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